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The Origin Story

Anassa was born in a hospital bed, the boringness of which set the scene for a reasonably average childhood that involved Forced Outdoor Time, unfathomable social conventions, and stacks of National Geographics and fantasy novels. After brief periods in which she wanted to be a ballerina, paleontologist, teacher, jazz musician, and librarian, she decided to indulge her love of picking words apart and get a linguistics degree. While doing so, she discovered that she wasn't the only person interested in superheroes, explosions, the paranormal, magic, fairies, and aliens, and that there was, in fact, an entire community of people who liked that stuff and wanted to write about it. She was instantly hooked on writing fiction (don't tell her profs) and became more willing to talk about her interests in front of other people. The two events are only slightly related.


Accurately predicting the next ten seconds in her immediate surroundings. Punctuating anything. Memorizing insane details and trivia. Asking probing questions like "How can Tony Stark create a new element in his basement and not die of radiation poisoning?". Coming up with wacked-out story ideas. Seeding said ideas in other people's brains, and not always on purpose either.


Fantasy. Science Fiction. Movie explosions. British humour. Mummies. Hominids. British spelling. Astronomy. Dinosaurs. Quantum physics. Cats. Trivia. String theory. British accents. Steampunk. History. Superheroes. Magic. Sushi. Mythologies. Collecting books. Chocolate. Berries. Canada. Intellectual arguments. Seeding crazy ideas in other people's brains. Occasionally zombies. Occasionally vampires. Crime dramas. Cheese. Whipped cream. Writing.


Alcohol. Funky smells. Ignorant people. Her own perfectionism. Occasionally zombies. Occasionally vampires. Inaccurate scientific reporting. Politicians. The local bus service. How much money she doesn't have. Her shyness. Revising. Fake banana flavouring. Not understanding things.

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Anassa does not normally refer to herself in third person. She only does so when writing biographies.