Friday, December 4, 2009

My kitchen is boring

Reason 1: Lack of magnetic spice rack.* I'm aware this isn't exactly sci-fi, but imagine what would happen on a spacecraft without artificial gravity? Especially if it had to dodge asteroids, space pirates, or enemy fighters. This is an essential part of every spaceman's kitchen. 

Reason 2: Lack of portable fridge.** (I do not know what is up with the pics on that site, or the lack of explanation. Go here.) The Neff is a fridge that looks like a cooler, charges off excess kitchen energy (stoves, for example), and can be stored anywhere once it's charged. It also comes in a range of colours. I can see this becoming common as the desires for energy conservation and sustainability increase (and the technology prices drop). 

Reason 3: Lack of fridge-table-appliances-workstation.*** I don't know about you, but if I could cook, eat, wash dishes, and surf the net all at once without ever standing up, I just might do it. This is only a design, unfortunately, but hopefully we'll get there soon. Or if we don't, could someone please write this into a TV show or a movie? It would look perfect on a spaceship, I swear. Or possibly a cyberpunkish dystopia? 

Reason 4: Lack of teleporting fridge, et al.**** Teleporting fridge? Enough said. But a future kitchen might also hold a device that cooks genetically engineered food, a 3D food printer, a robotic greenhouse, a water purifier that catches rainwater with robotic baseballs, and a dishwasher that doubles as a cabinet. (The link will also tell you about a waterless washing machine and a steam cleaner, but those are marginally less cool.)

Reason 5: Lack of automatic cabinets and biometrics.***** Yes! For only an incredible amount of money, you too can have the luxury of walking into your kitchen, waving your arms around, and having your customized hardwood cupboards open for you! This offer also includes the ability to lock individuals out of the wine cellar, freezer, or double stove based on fingerprints and/or proximity. 

This would be very cool to play with but probably not great to live with. I'd set off the cupboards constantly, and then there's the worry about misprogramming the system and locking myself out of the fridge. Or having the drawer sensors wear out. Or having the kitchen evolve sentience and attack me for eating ice cream at midnight. Perhaps telling people about my possessed kitchen would make up for that? I do like scaring people…. 

Darn it, now I'm hungry.

* Yanko Design via Boing Boing
** Eltopo via The Design Blog
*** dornob via io9
**** Electrolux Design Lab via io9
***** AnvilMotion via Boing Boing Gadgets

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Anonymous said...

The must admit that the automatic cabinets would be interesting. Or, they could be like clapping lamps, where if you click your fingers or mention a certain word, they come open. (Just be careful of your head. I can see the company making these getting sued by people getting smacked in the face with their own cupboards.)

You might be able to fix getting locked out of your cupboards and fridge by making it possible to pull them open normally as well. Although, the sentience thing would just be cruel. I mean, depriving someone of their midnight/3:30 AM snack! Or the classic, "I can't be bothered cooking anything complicated, so I'm going to have macaroni for dinner"? Criminal.

The teleport fridge, I think, would be perfect for everyone except for those prone to impulse buying.

The magnetic spice rack would be a good idea indeed, although I can't really think of a use for it on Earth gravity. Maybe to secure them there in case of a mild tremor or quake? That would be useful for valuable things on display, too, like ornaments and things that are extremely easy to break, like Galileo thermometres.

Whoa, that was long... anyways, it's Alex, just so you know. And, um, this blog is interesting. Good thing I finally got myself a feed reader, no? ;)