Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today, I Am Random

I'm having a mild blog-identity crisis at the moment. (Nothing to worry about, nothing to see, move right along now….) I'm treating it a little like writer's block. When in doubt, start something new! Something different! And then see where it takes you just long enough to break the block.

What better way to come up with something new than with the Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 2000*, a rather steampunky flowchart, primed and ready for new ideas!**

I'm going to test it. Ready?
  1. The Revenaut: In a dragon-filled terraformed Mars, a young journeyman inventor stumbles across an alien artifact which spurs him into conflict with a charismatic politician on the rise with the help of a leather-clad female in shades and her discomfort in formal wear, culminating in a philosophical argument punctuated by violence.
  2. The Psychopoli: In a metaphorical Japan, a young schlub with mild OCD stumbles across a talking fish which spurs him into conflict with murderous robots with the help of a cherubic girl with pigtails and spunk and her closet full of assault rifles, culminating in a false victory with the promise of future danger. 
  3. The Steammancer: In a neo-noir Victorian Britain, a young farm boy with dreams stumbles across an arcane prophecy which spurs him into conflict with a profit-obsessed corporation with the help of a bookish female scholar with mousy brown hair and her condescending tone, culminating in the invocation of a spell at the last possible moment. 
I think this may have possibilities***. I just might flesh one of these out for Friday.

* Futurismic
** I know it's tongue-in-cheeck and mocking genre fiction. I don't think that should prevent it from being a) fun and b) occasionally useful.
*** I'm torn between the image of a leather-clad female in a Victorian evening gown, and the cherubic girl laden with weapons.

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