Friday, May 28, 2010

Four Post-Apocalyptic Shelters

  1. Concrete as fabric*. Not just to be used for apocalypses, of course. With this material, quick and effective shelters can be erected anywhere, and we could probably patch holes in existing buildings as well.
  2. Tanker truck as house. Probably not just an apocalypse thing, since somebody somewhere will actually want to do this now… or has already done so.
  3. Bunker condos. If you're going underground to survive, might as well do it with style, right? It's not as if money's going to be useful after the war anyway.
  4. Not exactly a shelter, but definitely part of the apocalypse thing: how to save America from nuclear armageddon, 1950s style.

I'm kind of hoping never to use these, even if they're cool and useful and everything. I especially can't imagine myself in #4.

* Not linking to the original articles today. Rushing to work soon and don't have time…

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