Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Motivational Videos

I'm a big fan of TED. The speakers they pick, the ideas and knowledge put forward, and the freely available videos are pretty big draws for me, because learning things is fun and you never know when it'll happen. I've linked to TED videos here before, back in the Science! days, often when I was too rushed or unmotivated to do up a big speculative post full of linkage.

And yes, I'm doing it again today, except with less science and more writing/ideas. I have Plans for my Monday, and they don't involve writing a big post full of linkage or my own ideas. So instead I'm posting two videos that I hope are inspirational at best, and darned cool at worst. The first is a short speech by Adora Svitak, on the need for "childishness" in the world, and the second is by Elizabeth Gilbert (yes, her) on creativity and the original meaning of genius. (I'm pretty sure most of my readers have seen that one already, but I'm posting it just in case. It's worth another listen, too.)


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