Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Monday

Since I don't have time to write the long, involved post that'll probably show up Wednesday, I thought I'd share some thoughts that aren't quite long enough for a full post of their own.
  1. In an alternate universe, I'm a jazz singer. I love the songs, especially the light and catchy ones. I love singing them far more than I love singing every other genre. They get stuck in my head.
  2. Apparently I write decent and amusing haikus. I think I kind of knew this already, but it still pleases me.
  3. The fabulous N.R. Wick kindly betaed the first 50 pages of my manuscript. I'm saving the in-text comments for my day off tomorrow, but I read the editorial "letter" she sent, and I think I might be okay with this betaing thing. At least, when I hit the "hey, no fair, not true!" portions, I then immediately thought either, "She's got a point" or "I'll see what my other betas say after they read it."
  4. Possibly my coolness with betaing is because I've already gotten and assimilated some pretty harsh crit from my dad*.
  5. Good Lord, it's already September!
  6. Whenever I visit with my parents, Mom gives me random articles of clothing.
  7. This weekend, I was linked to this post, which linked to this article. I read them, of course, and came away with the sense that, for me at this stage in my life, writing comedy comes naturally. I wouldn't say I'm a prodigy. I just got an early start, reading comic fiction, watching comic shows and films, and making people laugh because that way they'd like me.
* who write and edits for a not-quite-living, and therefore is qualified to criticize my writing.

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