Monday, May 16, 2011

Songs for Inspiration

One of the fastest, easiest ways for cheer me up is to play me music. My favourite songs and artists never fail me, especially if the songs are danceable and singable. I have not one, but two iTunes playlists—one full of danceable songs, and one full of songs that say, "Yes, you can write a good book. You can do this." And I thought I'd share that one, or as much of it as I can find on Youtube, because I'm not the only person who ever needs to hear that message. Hope this brightens your Monday!

And yes, I did create a Youtube account just for this playlist, but I've been wanting a professional account for a while. Drop by and say hello!

1 comment:

Reece said...

I LOVE that song! The rest of my family hates it...I guess I like it because I always wanted to be a writer (not necessarily just of paperbacks).