Friday, October 1, 2010

Vacation (Not Hiatus)

Today marks the first day of my vacation this year. Why am I taking holidays now? Because this way I can  attend a local convention and go to my grandparents' for (Canadian) Thanksgiving, and not have to feel bad about taking two weekends off in a row. Also, I get to go home for longer than a day or two.

I'm currently trying to think of anything I've forgotten to put in the Convention Pile. I have note paper, a pen, my camera, directions, a list of events, my ticket, a novel, and a Jayne hat. I think I'm good for the day, but I know I've got a bad track record for these kinds of things.* I may even have a decent novel pitch, should I be called on to describe the book that's out for betaing right now. I don't have business cards, like I'm apparently supposed to, but I think that's more for writer conventions, not SF ones, and I don't see myself running into agents and editors at every turn.**

Other plans for vacation:

  • I have a manuscript to beta for Hannah Bowman. I plan to start this on the trip home, and finish it either at home or at my grandparents'.
  • I'd like to start building another world and then plotting the story set in it—but I'm not letting myself do that until the betaing is finished.
  • Monday will be spent catching up on sleep after the con, and then exposing a friend to Ghostbusters. She has never seen it. I have to fix this problem.
  • I will still be blogging. It may or may not be particularly deep blogging, and it may or may not include pet photos, but I will be blogging.

What are your plans for the next few weeks? Any convention tips?

* I'm not staying at the hotel, as it's only about 20 minutes from my house by transit.
** Plus I've got another 3-6 months on the WIP, most likely, before I'm ready to query.

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Hannah said...

Happy vacationing! And I hope the manuscript is a good vacation read. :-)