Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun with Keywords

Today I'll be addressing some of the keyword searches that helped people find my blog. I got this idea from, of all places, Got Medieval, who calls it "Google Penance". I'm going to call it "Fun With Keywords" and not necessarily respond to the odd searches, 'cause that's more my style. You see, my blog, just like Got Medieval, can be accessed by typing keywords into Google's search engine, which will spit out a list of sites and pages of sites that contain the relevant words. You probably have to get slightly creative with the keywords — "pickle family tortoise" won't get you here, though now that I've posted it, the odds have changed considerably.

The top keyword is "manipulating gravity", especially if you include all the variations like "how to manipulate gravity" and "is there a machine that can manipulate gravity". I always feel bad for the people who find me through those keywords, because they're getting this post, which is more a list of things we can do once we have the technology, rather than a post about having that technology already. However, I'm kind of proud of getting so many hits off this, because it means that more people than just me want this technology to exist.

I've gotten less hits than I'd like off "Specnology", but I suppose I'm new enough to the blogosphere and not famous enough yet that people will want to find me by my blog's name. There's still time, and when I get that much fame … mwahahahaha.

People have found my blog from "armor piezoelectrics" and "bones 3d hologram real" and several searches of a Lois McMaster Bujold variety. I like this, and I can understand where the terms are coming from and how they found me. However, there are also terms that flummox me ("december means winter in the northern hemisphere") and terms that, like with the gravity searches, I feel bad about. People looking for instructional info on classical music, for instance, won't find it on my site, for instance.

To the person who found my blog with "nathan fillion": Who are you? You're awesome.

To the person who wrote "nerd giveaway": Did I deliver even though I'm not giving away nerds? (Does anyone know someone who is?)

To the people who wrote "urban + fantasy + for + men" and "why do women love urban fantasy fiction so much?": Thanks! You're telling me I've done something right with my blog. Obviously I need to post more on these topics.

Most of the keywords I've gotten since April, which is when I started tracking them, have been scientific or geeky in nature. This is good. I don't have to do much SEO than I already have (which is not really), because the people I want to find my blog already seem to be doing so. Very positive start to my year, I'd say.

Did any of you find me through Google? You don't need to tell me what your search was.

Has anyone gotten a random keyword search they'd like to share?

Is there anything you'd like to see me post about in the upcoming year?


Brooke Johnson said...

"pickle family tortoise" puts your blog at the top now. lol.

i ought to keep track of mine now. this is fun :)

Cori said...

You may have 'pickle family tortoise' ringed now, but you're still second on 'specnology'. ;) You've even got urban dictionary beat out for that word!

I have no doubt you'll be top-google search soon. :D

I found you with 'anassa writing blog' originally. xD


Diandra said...

If you need a nerd to give away, take mine. ^^