Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Win (A Blog Award)

I have it made in the writing blogosphere. I've just be awarded my first blog award— the Stylish Blogger Award—by Brooke Johnson. I know this isn't really a huge deal, in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like I've passed a milestone anyway. So thank you, Brooke!

There's a meme attached to the award. I have to thank my awarder (done), share seven facts about myself, and award fifteen bloggers in turn. Fifteen strikes me as way too many, so I'm going with a symmetrical seven.
  1. I'm not particularly stylish. If I could get away with jeans and a t-shirt (or pajamas) every day, I'd do so. There's less chance of pairing colors and cuts wrong that way.
  2. Since I moved out, I've never lived with someone who wasn't afraid of bugs. I'm always the one to capture and release insects and spiders. 
  3. I have never dyed my hair, nor do I plan on doing so.
  4. One summer I successfully taught myself basic Latin out of a textbook—and then forgot 90% of it.
  5. I also taught myself to play the French horn in a weekend. Admittedly, I'd been playing trumpet for five years so wasn't starting from scratch, but still.
  6. I'm not afraid of heights.
  7. I have a habit of talking to myself and switching language midstream.
I'm passing the Stylish Blogger on to:
  1. Hannah, who has great insights into writing and is always encouraging;
  2. Amalia, who knows a lot about Norse and Greek mythology and has no problem sharing; 
  3. Elena, who gives concise book reviews (and reads a lot); 
  4. Gypsy, who has great insights into fairy tales and finds wonderful fairy tale-related things; 
  5. Amy, who doesn't hesitate to give her opinion;
  6. Jami, who writes wonderful posts on writing and being a writer; and
  7. Lynn, whose blog is a treasure trove of information and food for thought.
And Brooke would totally get this award too, if she hadn't presented it to me. She has some awesome writing info on her blog. Check it out!


Brooke Johnson said...

i join you in #1 and #7... though my odd string of languages are japanese, icelandic, and spanish. sometimes a little italian gets thrown in there for funsies.

and, while blog awards may seem trivial in the "grand scheme," i rather enjoy them. :)

Anassa said...

You have more exciting languages than I do. I only have French and German (although German's fantastic for cursing things). Glad to know I'm not the only person who does that, though!

Yeah, I think I do as well. :)

Jami Gold said...

Thank you, Anassa! I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with my award yet, but I appreciate it. :)

And right there with you on #1. One of the great things about living in Arizona - very casual and t-shirt and jeans/shorts every day.

Amalia T. said...

Thanks so much!! I'm looking forward to following your year of the superhero-- and I had the same trouble with Latin, I forgot 90% of it promptly after learning it. ha! Also. Jeans and a t-shirt ALL THE WAY.

Elena said...

Ditto on the forgetting the Latin I learned. You'd never know I took two years of it now.

Amy Lukavics said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Anassa!

Amanda J. said...

Congrats on the award! Brooke's awesome like that; she finds cool people. :)

Also, I play the horn, so props to you on that one!