Friday, April 1, 2011

I am SO in!

Good news, guys. I'm finally able to quit my job and write full-time! A distant cousin in Libya passed away a while ago and the legalities of the estate have just been finalized. I'm due for a bank transfer of $3.7 million pretty soon, which is going to help, let me tell you. No, don't worry, I'm not going to move into a mansion or find new friends or anything, and the money I need to send my cousin's executor's pretty reasonable, when you consider the political situation in Libya right now.

Anyway, here's the plan for when I get the money:

  • Write full-time, obviously
  • Help my parents pay off debt
  • Buy a lot of merchandise from ThinkGeek
  • Go to more cons
  • Possibly bribe an agent
  • Hire a scriptwriter to turn the WIP into a movie or a TV show, I'm not picky
  • Help Annikka get to Texas
  • Fund a couple projects my friends are working on
  • Buy lots and lots of books
  • Travel the world
Yeah, I know, not the most exciting stuff in the world, but hey, I'm not an overly exciting gal. What would you do with the money, though?

ETA: Yes, this is indeed an April Fool's joke. Hopefully that was obvious from the start? My job is far too awesome to quit even with that kind of financial windfall. I don't have any relatives in Africa. I'd be more fulfilled getting an agent honestly than through a bribe. Plus, y'know, I recognize spam when I see it.

However, the note about Annikka needing to get to Texas is entirely true. She really does need to get down there, ASAP, and doesn't have the cash to make it happen. But she's selling stories and has a Paypal donation button, so you can help her. Please do.


Reece said...

This isn't an April Fools post, is it? Oh well, either way, it's still fun to speculate. If I suddenly had a few million extra dollars, I'd buy a house, pay off my parents' mortgage, start a need-based scholarship (that's how my wife paid for college and we'd like to give something back), set up the world's most amazing home network system, start my own publishing company, and put the rest in savings.

Reece said...

P.S. This was fun!

Shannon said...

Ah, 3.7 million? My list would be much the same as yours. Debt repayment, writing rull time, help others with their dreams and debt. I think I would also travel a lot, do a walk about. Yes that would be cool. :)

Anassa said...

Haha, yes, Reece, indeed an April Fool's post. I know spam when I see it. ;-) Though it is always fun to speculate and you've got some good choices on your list. Great idea about the scholarship and publishing house!

Shannon - Nice list as well! May it happen for us someday, eh?

Anonymous said...

I would actually invest it and live off the interest. I wouldn't change anything, I like my job. But I know that a lot of people don't think like that... And there's always my dad in retirement, bored out of his mind. Work breaks up the weekends. If I had a job I didn't like, and school, and family and friends, her list would be an awesome idea.