Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Which Anassa Shows Off

Kevin Hearne, author of Hounded which is on my TBR list for looking awesome, is holding an ARC giveaway. To be eligible to win, one must create a nerdscape or beerscape, photoshop it, and comment on the giveaway post with a link to it. Giveaway ends April 30, so there's still time for entering. A nerdscape is a photo of a book, action figure, and junk food—easy enough, although I really only have one action figure to my name and the only junk in the house right now is Easter chocolate.

Without further ado, I give you "Assimilating to L-Space":

Yes, that is a nearly complete Terry Pratchett collection! I believe all I'm missing are Dark Side of the Sun, Carpet People, Interesting Times, and I Shall Wear Midnight. I'm not trying to acquire all the spin-offs like Folklore of Discworld and Nanny Ogg's Cookbook. When I have all the novels, I'll be happy. (This photo also contains the Hogfather and Color of Magic DVDs, a book of Discworld trivia, and a book of literary analysis of the Discworld books, which I recommend. Also Argonath bookends, a Cyberman, and a Jayne hat, because I can.) I am waiting impatiently for the DVD of Going Postal to get a North American release, because I'm not letting myself watch it until I own it.

So, Kevin Hearne, there you go. There's my entry.

If you've been following The Plumbing Saga on Twitter, you'll know that I finally got to move into my living room/bedroom last week. If you haven't been following the Saga, all you need to know is: pipe burst, carpet went squish, month-long repair process, awesome landlords. Because I'm excited to have my main bookcase back, I took a photo:

From the top, we see my sweaters, my urban fantasy, my other fantasy and science fiction, and my non-SFF (including a nearly complete Vorkosigan Saga and a half-complete Gaiman collection, since I'm missing the graphic novels). Then there's Pratchett, my non-fiction, my antique books, and my epic poetry. We do not see the other bookshelf, which lives in my 'office' and contains three TBR shelves, and two shelves of reference material, including eight dictionaries in four languages, four grammar books for three languages, and my complete Shakespeare and Chaucer.

I'm going to need a new bookcase soon…

Since I've spent this entire post bragging, I'm totally cool if you want to brag back at me in the comments. What do you collect? What awesome things have happened to you lately?

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Shannon said...

I've actually been trying to downsize my book collection! We have a wee small house and hubby can't understand why I keep buying more books when I have so many to begin with. As to collections of other types, I collect the Windstone Unicorns and Pegasus that are now only found on ebay it seems . . .