Friday, February 19, 2010

Alien Miscellany

Everyone knows that governments collect stories of UFO sightings, right? And that they occasionally release their documents to the public? Well, I found out that there's been another release*, this time of six years' worth of British sightings. The documents are currently free, but will be charged for after a month.

I also found a video on io9 in which there is real-time commentary on a UFO video. WARNING: there is swearing, so it's probably not safe for work unless you have headphones. Also, I'm willing to bet that the witnesses didn't contact the proper authorities.

io9 also has an article and video consisting of expert advice on removing alien implants, and another one on a vehicle patent that's essentially a UFO. Yes, really. They're really kind of the main source of links today, because there's also a Nazi UFO fighter plane, a uranium-mining UFO, a glowing sky jellyfish, and a floating pyramid. (If you're really into conspiracy theories, they've also posted an article recently on the secret Mars colonization program.)

If you don't believe in UFOs, Boing Boing has an article (on an article of the Fortean Times which you have to register to access) on what else those sightings could be of—pie plates, dogs, hallucinations, etc.**

* link taken off this article, which also links to other cool stuff
** That sentence could probably have been more convoluted, but I'm not sure how.

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