Monday, February 15, 2010

The (Sorta) Thinking Vehicle

Technically today was supposed to be a language-y post, but I got sidetracked by the Olympics and my novel, not necessarily in that order, and now I'm too sleepy to write such an involved post. So instead, I'm going to dump a bunch of links into this post, call it a night day, and set this to go up tomorrow (which is normal procedure).

Don't be scared. They're about smart cars. Not SmartCars. Cars with A.I.* Because our cyberpunk/near future/space opera heroes have to have car chases too.

Finally, I know this isn't a car, but there's this pimped-out self-navigating robotic wheelchair****** with a laser guidance system and cameras.

There's story fodder in them thar links, I can feel it. Especially the wheels and morphing car. Combined.

* No, I don't have a Thing with robots. Honest. I haven't even seen Transformers II.
** The Design Blog
*** Engadget
**** Gizmodo
***** Boing Boing
****** Engadget

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