Friday, March 26, 2010

Random links 'n' things

Once again, late blog due to Life. I'm not up to doing a lengthy, intelligent post today, but don't want to just post a video and call it quits, like I did on Monday. Instead, I'm going to link to a few things I've come across that may be useful in the plot bunny department.

  1. Interactive flood maps*, for creating your own Waterworld. Zoom in on Vancouver, Canada, and find out why I think the location of the airport is spectacularly poorly planned.
  2. A handy chart of supernatural collective nouns**.
  3. Unexplained artifacts that require explanations, including an ancient battery, a Turkish map of South America, and a time-travelling hammer. Also the Nazca lines, but that's a given in these lists.
  4. Rules for time travellers.
  5. Problems with the universe.***
  6. A list of millennium predictions that flopped, didn't flop, and haven't flopped yet.
  7. Predicted technology we've yet to see. (Where's my flying car?)
  8. Predictions for 2020 in two parts.****
  9. Mummified monsters.*****
Have fun with those and enjoy your weekend! 

** io9
**** io9
***** io9

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