Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Superstitions and Plot Bunnies

Last weekend's #UFChat on Twitter was, understandably, Christmas themed. There was discussion of the Yule Lads, the Yuletide Cat, Krampus, ghosts, the reasons for light festivals, and a link to this interesting article about Christmas superstitions. It's a wealth of cool trivia and story ideas, and I suggest reading it before continuing with this post.

The superstition in that list that really grabbed me?
Some also believe that those who are born on Christmas Eve turn into ghosts on that day every year while they sleep.
 This sparked the following ideas:

  • A protagonist who is thrown into the paranormal world every Christmas, against their will. (Good paranormal YA idea?)
  • An antagonist who gleefully accepts their temporary ghosthood, becoming a thief or spy, or terrorizing families.
  • Someone who's thrown into the paranormal world, and then one year slips up and stays there (and/or requires rescue from the protagonist).
I'd say any of these have potential. You're welcome to them, because I'd rather write stories about Santa facing off with Krampus, Krampus kidnapping children, a world where the Yule Lads truly exist, and a world where the various winter light festivals have actual importance.* 

Anyone have story ideas they want to put up for grabs? Anyone know of other cool Christmas/winter traditions? … Anyone want to take my bunnies?

* And then there are the non-Christmas plot bunnies, at least three of which will require insane levels of research and probably won't happen. 


Matthew Shields said...

Oooo, VERY cool idea there! You've got me THINKING now, and thats... a mixed blessing. :P

Cori said...

*closes eyes and hides from plot bunnies*

I love superstitions. :)

My favorite Christmas superstition is that people aren't supposed to put up holiday decorations until Christmas Eve, otherwise that sort of proof of 'greed' or 'wanting' will keep the good spirits away.

Although, with your ghost superstition - I heard people born on Christmas day will have nothing to do with ghosts. They're protected from the spirits and won't ever meet one... I suppose there are lots of different superstitions out there. ;)


Anassa said...

Matthew - Sorry! I hope thinking turns out to be a good thing in the end.

Cori - I believe the article I linked to mentions both those superstitions. I think I knew the decorations one before, but not any of the ghost ones. They're very cool, though. :)

Cori said...

I know you linked it, I spent a few minutes reading it. I'm always interested in superstitions and you link to interesting things. :D I always appreciate what you take the time to link.