Friday, December 17, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Things

A big, hearty thank you to everyone who commented on Wednesday's post! I've got some ideas now about how to fix the problem, thanks to you. And I promise I will respond to your comments, because I feel I owe you that much. Sometime this weekend, maybe?

 In other news, I have now seen The King's Speech and will be rooting for Firth and Rush and Best Adapted Screenplay come Oscar season. Excellent film. Also, a friend made me a Castiel ornament, which is naturally sitting on the top of my tree, and I have cookies! Which are nearly gone, but still.

I've been at work for three Christmases now and am still enjoying it. No retail grinch me! I am delighting in getting people to buy my favourite books for people.

Brooke Johnson has been doing a series of posts on the Hero's Journey recently. She's nearly done and I highly recommend checking them out as someone who's trying to fit her WIP into the Journey more. I'm finding them helpful and informative, and clearer than the more academic explanations (like Campbell, who I couldn't get through). Plus she uses Harry Potter and Star Wars as examples!

I am possibly having too much fun with Google's ngrams. Here's one for historical terms for Canada. Here's Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

I have another Science In My Fiction post due next week. Stay tuned!


Brooke Johnson said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm glad they're helping :) I wasn't sure anyone was actually reading them, seeing as no one has commented.

I had a hard time with Campbell too. I think I fell asleep more than once reading "Hero with A Thousand Faces" ^^ The Hero's Journey is a really neat structure, and it's fairly common, whether by intention or not. I use a modified version for most of my storytelling. :)

Anassa said...

Brooke - I haven't commented because I don't know what I can say or add—and I've been busy lately. I imagine I'll be going back to them once I hit specific stages. I'm using a modified version too, because my primary antagonist is the hero's doubts and lack of confidence, and I seem to be lining up pretty well with the Journey for someone who started writing the book not knowing what it was. (That was a bad sentence, I know.)

Amalia T. said...

I want to see the Kings Speech-- glad to see you thought it was so good! Hopefully I can get to see it this weekish!

Thanks for the Hero's Journey link!

Cori said...

I have been having SO much fun with the ngrams from Google. xD I've been typing in all sorts of random combinations and trying to figure out why the surges in terminology come when they do. The 'war' term is easy - the bumps are for the two world wars - but some of them I puzzle over.

Enjoy being non-grinchy!