Friday, December 3, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Because I am lazy and can't be bothered to write a long post, and because I'm getting in the Christmas spirit, you're getting photos of my Christmas decorations, such as they are.

This is my artificial Christmas tree. It is now a year old.

This is Candle Thief, one of Iceland's Yule Lads. He came all the way from Iceland to grace my tree this year.

This is … a Jayne Hat.

This is the first ornament I ever received. It's got "Baby's first Christmas" written on it.

And this the Advent calendar Mom sewed for me five years ago. So far I've gotten a noisemaker from Germany, a piece of chocolate, and an eraser that doubles as a clothespin. 

Sorry for the horrible quality of the photographs. Lighting in this apartment is not the best for photographers. 

Don't forget to enter my blogiversary/Christmas giveaway! Only three entrants so far, which isn't much of a contest if you ask me.

What are your Christmas decorations? Do you have any favourite ornaments?

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