Monday, December 27, 2010

Things I Got For Christmas

It's traditional to do a loot post after Christmas, right? I got just about everything I asked for and some things I didn't. This made it difficult to get everything home even though I budgeted space when packing. And I swear I'm not spoiled, really. 

The "downside" of the loot is that my TBR pile just got higher and I'm going to be in candy for a month. 

How'd everyone else do? Anyone read the books I got and want to comment on them?

The Material Goods

  • Shine: An Anthology of Near-Future Optimistic Science Fiction, ed. Jetse de Vries — because I like SF and want to read more near-future works, but I don't like doom and gloom all the time
  • Unshapely Things, by Mark del Franco — because it sounds like a cool world
  • The Girl With Glass Feet, by Ali Shaw — totally hooked on the concept
  • The Devil You Know, by Mike Carey — because this has been recommended about a million times with words like "hooked", "like Supernatural", and "must-read"
  • Masked: An Awe-Inspiring Anthology of All-Original Superhero Fiction, ed. Lou Anders — research
  • Wild Cards I: The Book That Started It All, ed. George R. R. Martin — research, and from friends pre-Christmas
  • Unholy Ghosts, by Stacia Kane — because it sounds like a cool world and I'm intrigued by the take on magic
  • A duvet cover and sheet set — because I've had the old ones for years
  • A kettle, a tea pot, and two mugs — I think my parents got fed up with my water-in-pot setup
  • $150 split between two grandparents — they never know what to give me now that I'm an adult
  • Mozartkugeln because they're perfect
  • The original three Indiana Jones films on DVD — because I'm slowly collecting the seminal films from my childhood
  • A laptop bag
  • An enameled metal reindeer ornament from Germany — because I get an ornament in my stocking every year
  • A device to turn any bag into a pour spout
  • A cookie tin of homemade Christmas cookies and chocolate, plus a small ziplock bag of same, because they didn't all fit in the tin
  • Two lottery tickets that didn't win
  • Five flavoured honey sticks
  • Ten miniature gourmet chocolate bars 
  • Two milk chocolates covered in Christmas-themed foil
  • Three pouches of gourmet hot chocolate
  • A potato masher — because Dad got a new one and I didn't have one; technically not a Christmas present

The Non-Material Goods

  • Talking to my sister, which hasn't happened since … last Christmas? She's on another continent right now.
  • Hearing my maternal grandfather sound happy. 
  • Visiting with my paternal grandparents, which is a mixed blessing
  • Being praised for holding my own against my paternal grandfather
  • Not coming last in a board game, because I do for about 90% of all board games
  • Winning rummy
  • Seeing my parents
  • Getting decent photos of the family pets (see below)
  • Getting a chunk more editing done on the WIP
Charles, a shelter cat who's been with us for a year

Winston, the Akita-Newfoundland-German Shepherd, on square-foot tile

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